An intuitive and efficient code editor is what every developer looks forward to for quick programming and development. There was a time when Adobe Dreamweaver used to be the first and kind of only options available to web developers for code editing. But, with the recent advancements and open source community becoming more strong, a lot of Free Code Editors are available in the market that provide premium like features.

This post details out some of the best free code editors available out there which one can start using right away. All these editors pack the essentials and a lot of goodies which are more than enough for the day-to-day web development processes.

Adobe Brackets

Adobe Brackets
Created by Adobe and contributed by community, this is a code editor that has a clean UI and supports a whole lot of extensions and skins.

Microsoft Code

Visual Studio Code
Still in Preview stage, this is a Microsoft’s initiative to help the open source community with a free cross-platform code editor.

Atom Code Editor
Atom is another cross-platform text editor that supports more than 2500 packages, developed by the open source community and available over GitHub.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio
Aptana is based on Eclipse, that is already a favorite amongst JAVA and PHP developers. It is available both, as a standalone version and as an Eclipse Plugin.

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