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A Computer Science Engineer, working as a Business Analyst with 10+ Years of Experience
About Rahul Joshi

My Story

Hey! Welcome to RJDesignz.com, technology blog and design portfolio of Rahul Joshi.

Started with Designing as a passion, I went into Development after completing my Engineering in Computer Science. After working in various Front-end technologies for around 4.5 years, I moved into Business Analysis. For more than 5 years now, I have been working as Business System Analyst. I have been helping clients by understanding their requirements and providing them consulting services, with focus on technology.

I have worked with many Indian startups, which include: RedQuanta, SharpWebStudio, MDInfomatics and also worked on few projects with my friends at PKsArena and RedVapours.


I  completed my Engineering in Computer Science from University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh.


Designing Capabilities

I have been majorly designing for Web and Mobile devices. My tools of preference is Photoshop only. I have also played a bit with Vector Tools like Illustrator and Corel Draw for Print Designs, but my focus has been majorly on digital media.

Development Capabilities

Development Capabilities

I have developed websites using HTML/CSS/JS and powered them with WordPress. I have also done quite a lot of development in Flash/Flex and developed a lot of cross-platform applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop.

Analysis Services

Analysis Capabilities

I analyze client requirements using various BA techniques like: Requirement Elicitation, Focus Groups, Stakeholder Analysis and Meetings. Being from a technical background, that the business needs are met using best of technology offerings.

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