I blog rarely because don’t have much to share. But was planning to put up something in the blog’s section as its been long time since I posted anything here. So I am giving away a free website template which I made few months back but was not accepted by the client.

The details of the template are as follows:

  • Zip includes PSD, 5 navigation pages coded in XHTML and CSS.
  • Arctic font used for the logo(free for commercial use).
  • All the layers in the PSD are self explanatory. The size of the images in PSD is kept few pixels larger than the final coded in XHTML/CSS, in order to provide a bit more flexibilty.
  • 5 Navigation pages have been made in the theme.
  • Gallery Section of the theme uses LightBox javascipt framework to provide a cool preview of each thumbnail in the gallery.
  • Images used in the header have been taken from DeviantArt and sxc.hu. At the time of making this template, either no copyright details were available for the images or were free for Commercial use.

You can use this template or the contents in the template anywhere you like freely but please do put a link back so that I know where the site is being put into use.

Preview Template

Download Template

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