I am a big fan of games. I like playing action, FPS, TPS and driving games. I keep updated myself by visiting various game sites and keep a track of upcoming games. Also after buying the new XPS 1530, I can now play all new games on pretty good settings.
Here is a List of 10 PC  games, going to be released this Q4, that I feel like playing:

  1. Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway – It is historic shooter game and is the third in its series. Published by UbiSoft.
  2. Saint’s Row 2 – I have been eagerly waiting for the release of this game on PC. It is the second installment in the series. First version was not released on PC. It is pretty much similar to – GTA series. The game is expected to be released on 14th Oct.
  3. Far Cry 2 – Another game by UbiSoft, to be released on 21st October. Its the second in the series for PC.
  4. Spider-Man Web of Shadows – Spiderman games have always been a fun to play, as it involves coo missions and funny dialogs. Expected to be released on 28th Oct.
  5. James Bond Quantum of Solace – After a long time, we have a James Bond game for PC. It will be released on 4th Nov, approximately the same time when the movie by the same name is going to be released.
  6. Call of Duty World at War – From the very beginning, I’ve been a great fan of all the titles in the Call of Duty series.  Just after about 1 year of the previous version, next title of COD will be released on 11th Nov.
  7. Need for Speed Undercover – I just can’t wait to get my hands-on on this title of NFS series. I am a great fan of Need for Speed titles. After Most Wanted, no titles from NFS series have been that good. But the previews of Undercover are just too great. The game will be released on 17th Nov.
  8. Grand Theft Auto 4 – GTA series have always been very good as it has very limited titles of its type. GTA 4 has great new features and realistic graphics. The game will be out on 18th Nov.
  9. Tomb Raider Underworld – Tomb Raider series have advanced drastically since the last two releases. The enviornment and the story line up has been very good. Underworld promises more adventures, battles and treasures and expected to be released on 18th Nov.
  10. Prince of Persia – Last but not the least, POP series have been my all time favourite. The best thing about POP games is the enviornment and the story line-up. Releasing early December.

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