Few years back when I was working with Mahindra Satyam (formerly Satyam Computer Services) in Bangalore I used to get a lot of inspiration from the CSS web galleries for my personal portfolio website design. While getting inspiration from websites and showcase galleries, I though of creating a web showcase gallery of my own. But there were already a lot of websites offering the same thing and no doubt they posted only quality websites. Also the websites were itself well developed and managed. I didn’t have that much designing and development skills to make a website of that level. Even if I could have done it, it would have been very difficult for me to browse over the internet for quality websites and showcase them on my web gallery.

Then I thought of coming up with something different. I was already having a good list of websites to get inspiration from, websites on Photoshop tutorials to create elements for my website, HTML, CSS, JS and WordPress tutorials seen to develop my website and many more. So I thought of creating a website to provide links to other websites and categorize them so that it can be helpful for any designer or developer who wants to create something new.

I started with developing a web gallery style wordpress theme. Below is the landing page design which I came up with. I myself liked the design quite a bit and also got good response from my friends on same. I started posting content on the website regularly and soon got a Page Rank of 2 on Google. People subscribed to the RSS feed and submitted links to their websites to include on WRL.

WebResourcesLinks Old

But all this didn’t last too long. I was earlier on Bench but now I was into development. I got busy in office and soon couldn’t maintain the website any further.

Few days back when I became active on my blog here at RJDesignz, I thought of getting back WRL. But this time I thought of making it come back with a difference. So here it is, the new WebResourceLinks. This time the site features articles on resources for web designers and developers. Instead of posting website links as a gallery, I am picking a topic and posting websites related to that. Also a brief overview of the website which might prove to be helpful to the readers of the blog.

WebRecourcesLinks New

I now hope to update the website regularly and also monetize it. Main purpose of monetizing it is to get authors for the website who can also write quality articles on WRL, get recognition for themselves and also Revive Back WebResourcesLinks

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