Around a month back Spyre Studios had been running a giveaway of an year’s hosting with FlyWheel. FlyWheel is a WordPress hosting services provider which offers managed hosting for WordPress and is focussed on designers and creative agencies. I had heard a lot about FlyWheel over Twitter and Facebook and was really looking forward to try it. When I saw this giveaway being organized by the Spyre Studios, I thought it was a good chance to try my luck and see if I can win the giveaway. Fortunately, I won the giveaway and soon received an email from the people at FlyWheel with the access details.



About FlyWheel

FlyWheel comes from the people who have been actively working on the WordPress platform. Founded in 2012, in a matter of around 2 years, they have managed to create a great impact on the web designer/developer community. Security of the website is a core component of FlyWheel’s infrastructure. Their pricing starts from as low as $15 per month and scales up depending on the website traffic and number one wants to get hosted.

FlyWheel’s Admin interface is an easy to use and navigate system. The system automatically creates daily backups which makes it easy to restore one in case something goes wrong. It also provides access to several add-ons like: SSL security and CDN support to make the website faster and secure. Once a person is done setting up basic click and go options, the site becomes live in a matter of minutes. The team at FlyWheel is supportive enough to get your WordPress site migrated on to their infrastructure.

I look forward to try their services in full and probably come up with a detailed review on my experience.

Meanwhile, if you are a designer/developer and looking for something other than WordPress, then make sure to read my article on Best Cloud Hosting Solution Providers for Developers on WebResourceLinks.

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