One of the main goals of any company is to expand not only its product and service portfolio but also its market reach. Business owners would naturally want to dip their hands into the farther reaches of potential markets, and even possibly the international scene. To do this, it’s important for the company to be designed in a manner that allows it to grow and potentially reach more prospects beyond the borders of its current location.

Here are some ways to tap into the international market and potentially expand your reach:

Use social media and online tools

The Internet is perhaps the fastest way to get into the consciousness of more people worldwide. By creating effective social media marketing strategies, you can open your business up to a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion.

It’s also important to put up a website for your business. Make sure that your website contains relevant information about your company, products and services, and contact information. More importantly, your website should be user-friendly so that your target audience will keep coming back for more.

Hire employees who can speak and understand several languages

One of the best moves in ensuring that you understand the different cultures of the world is to hire bilingual or multilingual employees. These employees can provide information about the buying behaviors of specific countries, and can even talk to people in different languages.

Meanwhile, here are some practical tips on how to manage a multinational workforce:

  • Assess communication skills. It is not enough that an employee speaks many languages. Rather, it’s having the right communication skills in speaking with clients that makes a difference.
  • Match employee’s skill to the right job. Employees work best if they are given jobs that they are capable of doing. In other words, the skills should match the job requirement.
  • Open communication among managers and supervisors. Being in a different country may have a different set of guidelines, which non-native speakers may have been accustomed to.

Business Tools for Managers

Business tools are available to help company owners in a lot of ways such as formulating solutions and methodologies to increase productivity, as well as tracking down performance of employees.

Some of the best business tools and software include the following:

1. Sellsy

This CRM and invoicing solution helps in managing prospects and clients, creating opportunities, and tracking down sales. It can be accessed online or through a mobile app.

2. Bitrix

This tool that helps in invoicing, sales tracking, human resources management, and online meetings.

3. ExxpertApps

This is an integrated application where you can manage companies, clients, projects, opportunities, documents, sources, activities, online registrations, and a lot more. It helps the team to become more productive by providing an effective project management system to monitor progress and submit accomplishments.

4. Jobber

This software helps managers in creating invoices for clients and formulating schedules for sending of invoices.

5. Intuit QuickBooks Pro

This program helps create invoices and track expenses. Intuit QuickBooks Pro can be accessed on the web and via its mobile app.

The ability to integrate any of these business tools into your website should increase your chances of producing a favorable outcome, whether it’s a higher level of productivity within your multinational team, an increase in sales and market reach, or an overall business success beyond what your competitors can achieve.

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