Taking a backup of your important data is quite essential these days. The consequences of losing data due to a hard disk crash, theft or ransomware could lead to financial loses and mental stress.

Cloud backup solutions like DropBox, Google Drive, Box and several others are quite popular these days. These solutions are pretty good but they come with a recurring cost and downloading time delays.

An alternative to taking backup of your data into cloud is to keep a local backup, in a network storage device like Seagate Personal Cloud or WD MyCloud or even on a portable hard disk. Copying data to these device manually could be a cumbersome task as it could be difficult to keep track of what has been backed up and what not.

GoodSync is a powerful Backup and Sync software that helps you backup your data in an easy and intuitive way. I have tried several free solutions in the past but found them a bit difficult to use and adapt to. GoodSync has been different from all those and within few days of using the trial version, I found that spending some amount on this backup software would definitely be worth it.

GoodSync offers support for both Backup and Syncing. Depending on your preference, you can either Sync data between 2 locations or just do a one-direction backup. Some of the major features that make GoodSync one of the best backup and sync solution are:

1. Easy to use User Interface

The User Interface is very sleek and extremely easy to use. The options are clearly listed out and one can get adapt to it in just a few hours of usage.


2. Data Backup and Sync Features


GoodSync offers 2 modes- Backup and Sync. While Backup can be used to maintain a copy of data on another location, Sync option lets you keep data in 2 locations same on both the places.


3. End-to-end Encryption

The data transfer is encrypted end-to-end with 256-bit AES key that ensures that your data remains safe and secure while the transfer takes place.


4. Support for Cloud Storages

Sync Cloud Storage

If your data is already present on a cloud service and you want to copy it to another cloud location or on some other locations in your local network, you can do so by using the in-built support for cloud networks.


5. Set Filters for File Formats

Backup and Sync Filters

With the Filter options, you can select which type of files to include and which ones to exclude when the backup or sync operation takes place.


6. Real-time or Scheduled Syncing

You can configure GoodSync to either perform syncing operations in real-time, as the data changes or schedule a time when the sync shall automatically happen.


With all these above mentioned features and many more, GoodSync is definitely one of the best backup and sync software for Windows and Mac systems. There is a 30-day full featured trial version available after the syncing is limited to a certain number of folders and files. Available for both Mac and Windows, GoodSync can be downloaded from here and purchased for $29.95 from here.

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