BSNL Broadband has several unlimited plans but each plan comes with a FUP or Fair Usage Policy limit. Under this limit, the plans run to a high speed till certain limit but beyond that, there is speed drop. Recently, BSNL has come up with a TopUp feature where one can regain the high speed by paying certain extra cost. The TopUp works for the higher speed till you exhaust the additional data transfer or your new billing cycle starts.

The TopUp plans available are as follows:

Rs. 100 for 2 GB

Rs. 200 for 5 GB

Rs. 300 for 10 GB

Rs. 500 for 20 GB


The additional cost is added to your broadband bill.

To TopUp, you would see a message from BSNL once your FUP is reached. The pop-up message enables you to do the Top-Up or reject it.


How to get BSNL Broadband TopUp menu if cancelled/ignored?

In case you have ignored the message by mistake or intentionally, you can still do the TopUp from the link below:

The link also shows the data transfer within your FUP.

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