Many a times you might come across a moment when the display of your device stops working, either the screen has been broken and touch doesn’t works or there is some other issue. In a scenario like this, if you want to sell of your phone or send it for repair, there is a privacy and security risk as all your personal details might be accessible to other person as soon as the display get’s fixed.


For hard times like this, there is a quick and easy way to format your Android device completely, without any fear of privacy issues. For the trick to work, you need to have an app installed on your phone that can take care of this. The available options are:

Android Device Manager: Android Device Manager, Applicable to all Android Devices

MyXperia: A service specific to Sony Xperia users and comes pre-installed on all Xperia devices.


Both these applications specialise in locating and wiping out device data in case they are lost or stolen. The same way, if the display is broken and not in a working condition, you can login to the web interfaces of these applications and clear the device data.


I hope this trick was helpful and works for you.

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