Cloud storage is what everyone wants to have these days. With so many devices and documents ranging several MBs, everyone looks for a cloud storage solution where all such documents and multimedia content can be saved on. Could storage solutions not only serve as a single access point for all your content but also serve as a source of backup for your important data. You never know when your phone might get stolen or your laptop’s hard disk gets crashed.


With so many providers and pricing plans around, it might be difficult for an individual to figure out the best cloud hosting services that would be cost effective, yet secure and easily accessible. Zoolz Cloud Storage is one such provider which offers safe and secure Cloud backup solutions across multiple devices. As a promotional event, Zoolz is offering 100GB of Cloud Backup solution for just $1. Additionally, you can get this deal for $0.90, if you are visiting Stack Social for the first time and haven’t subscribed to their emails yet.


This is definitely an amazing deal and something every person should considering worth going for.

In case you are looking for bigger backup storage solutions from Zoolz, consider checking their other deals on Stack Social:
100GB for 5 years:
500GB for 5 years at Approx $12:
1TB for Lifetime at $34.99:

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