Technologies come and go. There is a constant rise and fall of products in the tech world. But, one thing has always made things successful: the portability of the device. Computing technology started way back, but it was so space consuming and expensive that only military facilities had the budgets to use them. Then, we fast forward to today and you have the smartphone, which is the most portable computer in history. It is all set to beat all other similar devices this year. But, for this piece we will be concentrating on how people use Smartphones.

Size of the Mobile Market

To put things in perspective we first need to consider its size. Let us start with a very basic figure. The world population currently stands at around 7 billion. That is a lot of people. Compared to this the number of PCs in the world is 2 billion. The current statistics tell us that the number of smartphone users is 1.4 billion. So, this means that 1/5 people own a smartphone and 2/5 people own a PC. Both are approximations of course and the density is higher in developed countries than developing ones, but this does clearly present the importance of smartphone coverage.

And let us tell you that at the end of this year, according to some reports, the number of mobile devices is set to exceed 7.7 billion, which will be greater than the number of people, which are expected to be around 7.1 billion.

The Different Uses

A Replacement for News

It is used for a number of different purposes. For most people, it has usurped the place of newspapers. According to recent figures, people who use smartphones and have an interest in news, use their phones to check news almost 40 times a day on average.

Social media is the other major reason of why we keep our smartphones so dear. It is our connection with the rest of world no matter where we are. There are a total of 380 million tweets every day, followed by 370 million likes on Facebook. And YouTube videos are watched for more than 80 million hours every day.

Business Community

Coming to the business section, we have some astounding figures here as well. Every day more than 191 billion emails are sent. And to put things in order, that is more mail than USPS delivers in on year. This is followed by 27 billion SMS and 12 billion calls.

Mobile Payments

We were a bit surprised by this info ourselves, but mobile payments equal $1.1 Billion on a daily basis. This is more money than most major organizations make in a whole year.

Using Coupons

Here is an even more interesting figure: One in Four Smart Phone users in the US use their mobile to redeem coupons on their phones to get discounts. The amount saved by this is just massive.

These were just some facts and figures about how we use smartphones and their importance. However, we know reading facts can be boring, so we have prepared a much nicer presentation of the information quoted in the article. Just see the infographic below.

How People Use Smartphones

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