Startup concept is taking the world by a storm. Every other day, we see new businesses coming up with new startup ideas. Out of all these, a major chunk of such ventures are online or need a serious online visibility to not just maintain an online presence, but also to promote their business and services. Though one can always do a Google search and find out the online essentials they want for their startup business, finding the right provider might be a challenge. Through my severals years of experience in the technology domain, I have been able to curate a list of key elements required for a new business venture and also, some of the best service providers online that can help jump start your startup, especially when you are on budget.

This article has been divided into a 3-part series on Starting your Startup Online on a Budget, where I will talk about the important elements, but split across different parts as follows:

So, starting with part 1, we discuss about the domain names and branding.

1. Purchase a Website Domain Name


Often ignored initially, it is important to get your website domain name registration done as soon as you have a name in mind. Although domain names that are not taken can cost you around $10, ones that are already taken and you feel like taking it, can cost you a fortune. So, think of a name and plan to purchase a domain for it in the first place.
Once you have a name in mind, check domain availability and purchase one as soon as you find the right name. Though there are many domain sellers, you can consider these reliable ones:

  1. GoDaddy– A decades-old name in the domain industry, it still remains one of the topmost choice of many people when purchasing a domain name.
  2. Google Domains– Currently in Beta, this service is offered by Google and can definitely be relied upon.

Important tips while purchasing a domain name:

  • .com is still the most commonly used Top Level Domain (TLD), but many other are gaining popularity and are being accepted by people.
  • Avoid very long/lengthy domain names as it could be difficult for someone to remember.
  • Avoid using special symbols like “-” in the domain name.

Approximate domain cost:
$10 per year.

2. Getting your Business a Logo and Branding

startup branding

The first and foremost element any entrepreneur thinks of, after finalizing the startup name, is getting a branding. Branding is a term which not only consists of just a logo design, but also some key color and typography elements that one can use for online and print content.To help you with your branding, my recommended list of 2 websites is:

  • Fiverr– A popular freelancer marketplace, one can find branding services starting at $10. You can choose to either go with only logo design or with complete brand style guide.
  • Envato Studio– A lesser-known name, but highly recommended if you can shell out a few extra dollars. Envato Studio handpicks the freelancers to add to their platform, which ensures that they are scrutinized for their work before they come on this platform.

Important tips while hiring a logo designer:

  • Make sure to check the past ratings/reviews.
  • See past work and understand if it relates to what you are looking for.
  • Provide a detailed idea on logo style and colors that you would ideally want.

Approximate logo/branding cost:
$50, one-time.

With these 2 items discussed, we come to an end to our part 1 of the “Starting your Startup Online on a Budget” series. Subscribe to my website’s RSS feed or follow on social media channels to know when the next part in this series gets published.

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