The tussle between logo style selection is inevitable when you’re rebranding or having a new logo for your business.

There are numerous logo types that you can incorporate into your brand face, your professional logo design. But selecting the right one would put your branding on the right track towards success and brand recognition. We don’t want to confuse you with those uncountable logo types but we do want to share the key information about 2 universal logo types – typography and pictorial logos.

Come, let us enlighten you about these two most widely used rivals in logo universe and help you decide which one to pick (and why).

Typography Logos

Before we mention the key points to select typography or pictorial logos, let’s have a quick intro about them, each. Typography logo designs involve words (or more appropriately the business name) in different styles. There are different variations of typography logos such as wordmark, letter mark, and sometimes the logo is based on the combination of both design and letters. You can look at some of the famous brands such as Pringles, Virgin, and Sony to better understand the typography logo design concept. There’s a whole step by step guide to create wordmark logos but for now, we’ll stick to the big picture to help you taking the right decision between these two.

Why Typography Logos?

Now, let us share with you some interesting reasons to use typography logo designs to represent your business below.

  • One of the prime reasons to consider using typography logos is that they offer you a wide range of logo styles such as wordmark, emblem, monogram, and even the letter marks.
  • A key reason to opt for typography (for having a professional logo design) is that they offer you an opportunity to make your brand name memorable for your consumers that are buying for the very first time.
  • Another useful point to ponder over typography logos is that they offer you a wider margin to play with your creativity and try as many variations of the font as you can to carve out the best, professional look of your brand name.
  • Typography logos create easy readability for consumers at any length (given the right size of the logo on the surface) which is another positive point to go for them when designing a professional logo design.

Pictorial Mark Logos

We’ve all seen Apple’s bitten logo, Twitter’s bird-like logo, and the moving (blue and white) propeller blade of BMW, right? And some of us are very proud to have one of their gadgets (or at least a Twitter handle). These are the easiest example to point towards the pictorial mark logos that are quite famous amongst the brands. In simple words, a pictorial logo can be a line, a drawing or an abstractive shape of the inspiration for the logo design. These logo styles are known for having deep connection with the loyal brand users who specifically ask for their products and feel proud for being one of the devoted buyers.

Why Pictorial Mark Logos?

Here are some key reasons to consider pictorial logo design for branding your business and enter the pictorial logos club:

  • Pictorial mark logos signify the successful branding achievements of the companies and confirm their market share when they finally drop the name and adopt picture-based logo.
  • Look at Apple, Panda, or Nike’s logos and you’ll find one commonality in all that they look eye-catching and alluring which is another reason for opting towards the pictorial mark logos.
  • Pictorial mark logos offer a professional look with a bit of storytelling element in them which can prove beneficial for companies to attract their target audience, too.
  • They’re also referred to those type of professional logo designs that offer a clean and clear brand objective by broadcasting one idea at a time which is very important for reducing the chances of interest conflict for companies.
  • If designed rightly, a pictorial mark logo can create a global perspective for the consumers and unite them under one flag via the pictorial mark logo bound by a common passion, spirit or motives as the famous brands (such as Target, Nike, and WWF) beautifully did.

Comment below and let us know which logo type would you select (and why) to give your company a pleasant look with the help of a professional logo design.

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