You have an amazing eCommerce business idea and you think having a fully-functional Magento Mobile App will be a great for you. After all mobile is taking over the desktop technology with more than 2.8 billion people using smartphone. Providing a seamless, yet engaging mobile experience is more important than ever before. It gives your business a great competitive edge.

A well-designed mobile app can exponentially help your business in many ways:

  • Increased brand awareness with increased mobile marketing strategy.
  • Build up engagement and community by providing a resource for your audience.
  • Increased sales & revenue with improved sales through a new revenue stream.
  • Improved communication between client and company.

But, you don’t have technical skills to develop your own app! And you may be discouraged by high potential costs, complex project management, technical teams, and many costly risks among the way.

Mobile App Builder by SoftProdigy is the right solution for new and established businesses, allowing them to create their own mobile apps with just 4 easy steps. The ‘Mobile App Builder’ is now live on Magento Marketplace, making it the best solution available for the eCommerce businesses.



Following is the breakdown of steps involved with app development:

Step #1 Get Registered & Choose Package

The very first step here involves registration where you are required to share the basic information regarding the company. The information include:

  • App Logo
  • Website URL

Once you’re done with the registration part, select the best suitable package for your app development needs. There are separate packages available for different needs such as:

  • Basic (Free package for startups with basic features)
  • Extended (A lot more than the basic package involved some cost)
  • Gold (Premium app development package with advanced features)

When selecting the package, make sure to keep in mind your target audience and your business goals. If you’re aiming to target the bigger market with amazing goals, make sure to go for the paid version as the basic package is designed only for the small businesses and startups.


Step #2 Install Connector

You will be given the access to install Magento Mobile App connector on your website which may be done only with a few clicks. No need to be an expert to do the task. If you’re not having time for it, we’ll do it for you. This helps us easily connect the website with the app.

Your app will be synced with the Magento website to deliver the seamless experience to online buyers without investing too much on the app development. Whatever feature is available there on the website will be functional on app, depending upon the package you have purchased.


Step #3 Sit Back As We Handle Development

You’re done with your part, now it’s our job to develop a fully-functional mobile app for your brand with all the features you need. By default, the development time is 48 hours for the apps with pre-loaded features. If you need something better and out-of-the-box features to be integrated in the app, we’re going to take a little more time. During this stage, payment gateways will be integrated and the APIs will be created exclusively for your brand and website.

You get 100% white label app with your brand logo and name. And it’s a native app for faster and seamless user experience.


Step #4 Publish App on App Store & Google Play Store

Seems like everything is done and your app needs to be published on App store or Google play store. After all, no consumer will come to know about the app unless your app is live on the app platform. This involves registration at the app store and a small fee for publishing the app. Don’t have time for the app publishing? Don’t worry as we can to it too for you.

Simply share your App store or Google play store login details with us and we’ll update and publish the app for you. We’ll handle all the technical part during the publishing of your own Magento mobile app.

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