The world’s most powerful HDR photo editor, Aurora HDR has a new version out, the Aurora HDR 2019. With this new iteration, a lot many exciting features have been added to this popular HDR editing software.

Releasing on 4th October 2018, the latest version of Aurora HDR brings Skylum’s Quantum HDR Engine that harnesses the power of AI for a more streamlined editing experience than ever before. What makes this Engine unique yet intelligent is its capability to reduce burned-out colors, loss of contrast, noise and unnatural lighting caused by halos and unstable deghosting.

Aurora HDR 2019 Architecture

The Quantum HDR Engine has taken three years to create within Skylum’s AI lab, and contains the vast knowledge of the development team paired with artificial intelligence to bring you seamless HDR editing, be it with a single image or multiple bracketed shots. Skylum’s developers tested thousands of bracketed shots through a neural network, and used the results to develop the technology needed for creating incredible HDR photographs – whether it’s real estate, landscape, cityscape or any other type of HDR photography.

Aurora HDR 2019 Cityscapes

Some of the most essential editions in the latest release of this software include:

  • New Quantum HDR Engine

  • LUTs support with 11 new integrated LUTs

  • Photoshop plugins support

  • New HDR Smart Structure filter for realistic and artefact-free structure (can be found in the new HDR Enhance filter)

  • Presets are now called ‘Aurora HDR Looks’

  • Improved Adjustable Gradient filter with new sliders for Shadows and Highlights added

  • Improved HDR Details Boost Effect ( the photo is shown in high-resolution while fine-tuning the filter)

This new edition also focuses on 4 HDR photography styles that are the most sought-after ones: Architecture, Landscapes, Real Estate and Cityscapes.

Aurora HDR 2019 Landscape

Pre-order of Aurora HDR 2019 are already Live and can be booked at a competitive price of $89 for new users and $49 for existing Aurora HDR users. This pre-order gets you access to a large set of freebies as well:

  • Video Tutorial: Getting the Most from Aurora HDR 2019 by Trey Ratcliff

  • Landscape Photography Handbook by David Johnston

  • Burning Moods LUTs by Richard Harrington

  • Exclusive interior Aurora Looks by Richard Harrington

  • 3-month 500px Pro membership

  • $300 USD OFF a multi-day Iceland Photo Tours

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