I recently upgraded my smartphone with a new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. After using it for more than around 15 days now, I thought of writing up an article on my thoughts and reviews on this small yet feature packed device from Sony.

My Smartphone History

I have been a Sony fan since last many years.Started using Sony phones around a decade ago with the first one being Sony K750i. Since then, I have been amused by the elegant and appealing UI of Sony devices, besides excellent Camera and Audio quality.
After that, I went on with Xperia X10, Sony’s first Android device, followed by Xperia Z, Sony’s first waterproof Android phone.

The New Member, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Continuing with the legacy, I recently purchased Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. After using a 5″ phone for more than 2 years, I was looking for something handy, yet high-end in terms of specifications. After doing a good amount of research over the internet, Xperia Z3 Compact was definitely one of the best options out there.
After using it for around 2 weeks now, I was able to develop a good understanding and views on this under 5-inch smartphone device.


  • Display: The display is quite vibrant and a resolution of 720p is good enough for a 4.6″ device. I didn’t notice any differences in the sharpness after switching from a Full-HD to HD display. The viewing angles were much better than older Xperia devices.
  • Performance: With 2.5 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM, using the device was silky-smooth.
  • Operating System: The device comes with Android 4.4, which I upgraded on day one to Android 5.0, Lollipop. The Lollipop interface adds a lot of visual enhancements to the new device and you actually feel like playing with a new smartphone.
  • Camera: The camera performance is good too, though the start-up time is too long. The best parts I found were the low-light photography and slow-motion recordings. In daylight also, the camera performed pretty well.
  • Sound: The Sound of the device is another great feature. The phone features stereo speakers and the in-built audio settings give crystal clear and nice bass effects.


  • Startup time of camera is a bit late. A first time user might tap the icon again thinking that it was not pressed correctly the last time.
  • No In-Box Screen guard. This should have been there as it is difficult to find a good screen guard in the market.
  • Low-resolution front camera. With the Selfie trend picking up like anything these days, a high-resolution front-camera would have enhanced the device’s specifications by many folds.


Still Photograph Samples:


Download High-Resolution Photos:



Slow-Motion Video Sample:


I bought this device from Flipkart, for a price of Rs. 31,852.00. I found this to be a reasonable deal and was one of the lowest prices amongst the major online retailers in India.

International customers can purchase it from Amazon.com


Overall, the device is definitely worth the price and one of the best small-size high-end devices out there. If you like using branded phones and want excellent camera and sound, this device is the device you would want to go with.

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