Photography has always been one of my biggest passions since I bought my first smartphone with a camera in it. Since quite long, I have been looking to get a DSLR to go a step ahead and click better pictures with more flexibility and manual controls. After doing some research, I bought Canon EOS 700D. I bought this as a combo with 2 kit lenses, 18-55mm and 55-250mm.




I started clicking pictures from it initially using the auto mode and other SCN modes, but was soon able to capture decent quality photographs in the manual mode. I must say, the learning curve of getting used to this Canon DSLR was very short and the controls and options were easy to get used to. After reading through some online tutorials and attending the free complimentary photography workshop provided by Canon India, I was able to understand the Manual mode in much details and started using it as the primary mode for all its photographs.

The 18-55MM Kit lens is good for capturing portrait and group photographs. While the 55-250MM showed good results for capturing distant objects and doing some astro-photography.

Below I have listed some YouTube videos of the collections of images I captured using the 2 lenses.


Canon EOS 700D 18-55MM Kit Lens Photography


Canon EOS 700D 55-250MM Kit Lens Photography


You can download some of the photographs shown in these videos from my 500px profile. I’ll soon be uploading other photographs in high resolution.

I purchased this from a Canon retail showroom in India, but you can purchase this online from the following stores:
Amazon US:
Amazon India:
Flipkart India:

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