Online security and privacy is of utmost importance these days. Whether it is related to browsing safely and anonymously or ensuring your data is protected all the time, all play important role in today’s time to ensure you are safe and protected in the digital world.

When talking about online security, the must have tools that any person can think of are- a trusted VPN software, a secure Password Manager, a huge Cloud Storage & Backup service and finally a powerful anti-virus solution. Popular online deals website, StackSocial has come up with one such comprehensive packaged security solution, called the Vault. In contrast to the SetApp suite which I wrote about here few months back, this one is particularly focused on security.

Vault comprises of 4 essential softwares that can offer you 360-degree online security:

  1. NordVPN- This VPN solution which offers access to 3,521 servers in 61 countries has been awarded 5-star rating by popular online websites like- TrustPilot, CNET and PC Mag.
  2. Dashlane- Dashlane is undoubtedly one of the most popular password manager application out there. Named as the app of the year by both Apple and Google, it stores and manages your passwords with patented security architecture.
  3. Degoo- Though there are a whole lot of free online cloud backup services available, they all restrict to a few GBs only. But your photos and videos of great memories might actually be of hundreds of GBs. For this, this bundle offers you Degoo’s 2TB cloud storage service.
  4. Panda Antivirus- Finally, viruses or malware might not only come from internet, they can creep in from infected USB drives or emails as well. Panda Dome Advanced anti-virus addresses this need and safeguards all your data against compromization.

StackSocial is offering this Online Security Cloud bundle for a monthly cost of $8.25, which I find to be extremely reasonable for what all it has to offer. If you are unsure, you can always go with the 7-day trial version to explore the tools and make a decision.

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