Often as a web designer, developer or photographer, you feel like learning online to increase your knowledge or know about new tips or technology. Though you can always run a Google search and find out hundreds of tutorials, but it might be difficult to find the quality ones.

In this blog post, I share with you some of my favourite websites that offer online tutorials for free. These are some of the best websites online and subscription to these could help you stay updated with the domain of your choice. All these websites offer free courses, but some even offer paid ones. The paid ones are better in terms of quality and course length, but free ones could be a good start.


1. SkillWise

This website is known for providing bundled learning courses at extremely low prices.

Visit Skillwise


2. Udemy

Udemy is a popular name amongst online learners. It has a collection of both paid and free courses.

Visit Udemy


3. Udacity

The Nano Degree programs on Udacity are something which one shall consider once the free courses are done.

Visit Udacity


4. EDX

Not just limited to design and development, EDX offers courses in a lot of other education domains. It has courses from some of the best universities out there.

Visit EDX


5. Mijingo

Mijingo is a comparatively new website which focuses on courses on niche and upcoming technologies. It has a collection of Paid Courses and Free Lessons.

Visit Mijingo


6. Scotch School

Scotch School focuses on Web Development courses. What I found best about this is the fact that they have certain courses that show how one can create popular platforms using modern technologies.

Visit Scotch School


7. YouTube

YouTube is your friend when you are looking for things in bulk. Many of the people are now setting up dedicated channels and courses over there.

Visit YouTube

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