While advancing my photography skills, I found that there is a need to add-in more accessories to explore new styles of photography. The one I wanted to try my hands on was Astrophotography. Though I had all the essentials for doing basic astrophotography, the one thing that I was missing was a Remote Release Shutter. Also known as Intervalometer, a Remote Release Shutter let’s you take extremely long exposure shots without having to physically hold the Shutter button in Bulb mode on the DSLR.

But instead of purchasing a Remote Shutter or Intervalometer, there is a way one can connect Android device to Canon DSLR camera and use it as one. There are several apps on Google Play Store that not only help you click pictures, but also have advanced capabilities like Live View, Ability to Configure Manual Settings, Long Exposure Shots, Multiple Shots for TimeLapse Videos etc.
Some of the Apps I tried and found working pretty well with my Canon EOS700D were:

I created a video on how this can be done and have shared below:


Besides what all you already have with you, you would need an additional Micro USB OTG Cable, which is quite cheap and easily available on Amazon- http://amzn.to/2eC3dkL

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