Deign a Mobile Phone Back in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll create a Mobile Phone back, with camera and flash.

Step 1

Create a new document of size 1600×1200 and with white as the background color.

Step 2

Select the radial gradient tool and set a foreground color of your choice. Here I have taken #044997 as theforeground color. Now select “foreground to transparent” in the gradient panel and drag mouse first from left corner and then from right corner to the middle of the document to get a effect somewhat like the one shown in the image.

Step 3

Now take the rounded rectangle tool and create a shape like the one shown below. Set the radius of the rectangle tool to 10px

Step 4

Now open the blending options for this shape and apply the following effects on the layer.

Step 5

Now create another rounded rectangle of same width but of about 75% height of the previous one

Step 6

Next apply the following blending options to the newly created rectangle

Step 7

Next we’ll create the flash for the mobile. Take the rounded rectangle tool with about 7px radius and draw a small recatngle as shown below. Make the color of this rectangle to white.

Step 8

Now apply the following blending options to this layer.

Step 9

Next create a small rectangle within the rectangle made earlier, fill it with creamish color, as in the figure below and then apply the following blending options to it.

Step 10

Now we’ll create the camera lens using a photoshop shape. The shape we are using is called circle frame and comes preloaded wih photoshop. Create the shape with white color of suitable size.

Step 11

Add the following settings to this newly created circular frame.

Step 12

Draw a circluar shape within this lens layer and add some inner glow to the circle

Final Step

Lastly you can add some text and reflection to your mobile.

Download PSD Source file

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