Due to an increased desire amongst Indian business enterprises to boost their reach, hundreds of retailers are now turning to websites to sell their goods and services online. E-commerce has transformed the face of business in India with the market expected to increase from US$ 38.5 billion in 2017 to US$ 200 billion by 2026. The increased market desire for a greater online presence has also amplified the demand for talented web developers and designers which, in turn, triggered the birth of a myriad of new study opportunities for, especially teenagers wanting to pursue a career the web development industry.

What are the best options to learn web design?

There are numerous factors determining which option a prospective student will decide on. One of the main considerations, however, is the cost implications of studying towards a formal qualification. Finding a way to finance your tertiary studies might seem daunting but thanks to loan and bursary options it is becoming increasingly easy to study at the institution of your choice. As a student, you are able to learn web design either online or offline. With a host of different study options available it is important to take a closer look at some of the more popular choices to help determine which are the most viable options for an Indian student.

Formal education at a university or college

There are numerous educational institutions in India that offer formal qualifications in web development and design. The Animaster Academy which is affiliated to Bangalore University offers a University Degree in Graphic Design and Web Development. The course comprises of 6 semesters and will cost you approximately INR 1.95 Lakh.  There are also a number of colleges such as The National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics in Mumbai that offer certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas in web design that range between INR 25k and INR 45k.

Global online institutions

Thanks to innovations in internet technology, you can study through an educational institution situated anywhere in the world. One of the global leaders in online studying, Shaw Academy, offers a free 6-week trial in Web Design after which you can enroll in a fully-accredited diploma course. The course will teach you the concept of classes, tags, IDs, and inputs in HTML as well as CSS JavaScripts and jQuery. Despite being the biggest online study institution, Shaw isn’t the only option available. The internet is inundated with online courses but be sure to do sufficient research before enrolling with any of them. We wrote about some of the best websites out there offering free online video courses in an article earlier.

Course-specific institutions

There are many training institutions in India that offer web design and web development courses. One of the highest-rated, the ADMEC Multimedia Institute that is situated in Delhi, offers a range of web-related courses including certificates in web developing and design, WordPress and Adobe Photoshop and many other web-related fields. Once again it is of vital importance to do sufficient research and only enroll with an accredited institution. The last thing you want to do is part with your hard-earned money only to lose it to a fly-by-night institution.

While doing a course in web developing and design or obtaining a formal qualification will provide you with a significant amount of knowledge that will help you establish a career for yourself, nothing beats practical experience. Before you even enroll in a formal course you can download a free application such as WordPress, Bootstrap or openElement and start familiarizing yourself with the basics of web design. Before you know it you will be designing websites not only for your friends and family but for the cream of the Indian business sector as well.

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